Sitters on Set

Sitting and coaching service

There‘s hope for parents of young actors.  You CAN get your life back.  Your child’s career is important to you and you want to do all you can to help advance it.  So, very often, you tend to make it your career as well.  This industry has a way of making a lot of demands on your schedule. Even a 10 minute audition can take up half of your day.  Tomorrow’s Talent has partnered with Los Angeles based Sitters on Set in order to help restore some of the order that can easily vanish from your life.  We hire people that are in the industry and know their way around a set.  They know the lingo.  So if someone tells the sitter to go see the PA and get the child to craft services, they know that it’s lunch time.  They can run lines with your child during downtime, give your child additional one-on-one assistance when they are working with a set teacher, and ensure that your child eats well and takes any vitamins or medications that are required.  Our sitters are trained in the particulars of working with underage actors and all go through an extensive interview process and background check.  For an additional fee, you can even hire a sitter that is an acting coach.  We have discounted packages for parents as well as rates for production companies that are looking for someone knowledgeable in set protocol. 

Feel confident that your young actor is in good hands with an industry professional.